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10 Required Questions to Ask Before Choosing Hosting Provider

Going online with new and innovative ideas is getting common more and more in the present days. The online world holds a certain attraction and also hosts multiple iotas of opportunity. It is also highly accessible from nearly anywhere in the world due to the fast advancement of technology and is hence accessible to all. Thus, going online with a new idea is a terrific thing to do! However, if you have to start a website you will need a very stable and secure network connection, not to mention fast, that can host your website. These hosting servers can either be shared or dedicated ones and are given out by hosting providers. When you look for hosting providers over the internet, the sheer number of search results would astonish you. To make a fine, dependable choice from this pool of search results you need to ask yourself these 10 questions. After all, when you are choosing a hosting service provider, you just have to get the best, most optimized deal without compromising on anything.

1. What kind of server reliability and uptime scores do they offer?

When you are targeting a set of audience through the internet, you have to be always available. Downtime can cost you more than instantaneous business, as the users will surely align to another site that is “more” available. Thus, you must go for a server that is up and about 24 x 7 without fail. Any hosting service provider giving you an uptime of less than 99% is a big NO. The ideal choice would be to go for a server that features at least 99.5% uptime for the best online experience.

2. Do they provide Multiple Add-on Domains?

Most users will have more than one domain when they are hosting a website. A lot of users will have more than even 3 domains. To be sure that you can easily add these additional domains without any difficulty, you have to go for a web hosting provider that allows you to host more than one domain. When you look for service providers, you will find that most of them feature multiple add-on domains with the possibility of adding at least 25 domains. However, you ought to be careful while choosing a service provider as you will find some who only provide facilities for one domain.

3. What is your back-up policy?

Choosing Hosting Provider

Back-up is an important idea when you are hosting a website and offering services through it. There is a tremendous amount of data that is being used and stored and constantly flowing to and from your users. This data needs to be safely stored such that you can access it at any time. But what if a malware affects your system? Or maybe your system crashes and you lose all the data? Losing data is a nightmare as it will take you a long time to get back to your feet! However, if you regularly back up all the data that is transpiring, it becomes so much easier to get back to your feet as you can easily revert to your last saved settings. There are hosting providers that get you daily backups while others that may give you weekly backups. It depends on the kind of service you are providing, but you have to carefully choose the backup measures when choosing a server.

4. What do I need web hosting for?

Web hosting servers are the pillars on which your website is built. Websites need to run 24 x 7 and there is tremendous traffic of information to and from the system at all times. Such a high level of functioning requires dedicated hardware without which your website will fail. Thus, if you are thinking of starting a website, even for writing a blog, you will need a dedicated set of resources to keep it running smoothly.  

5. Do they provide SSL?

Choosing Hosting Provider

SSL certification is an important screening process used by search engines to filter the good and reliable sites from potentially malicious ones. A site without SSL certification may be good but users will have to enter it with risk. Thus, such sites are not ranked higher by Google or any other search engine. Oftentimes, when you are choosing a server plan, it is paired with free SSL certification. This is a great idea since you can get a certified site and thus instantly gain a few points to rank higher in search engine results.

6. Do they offer a range of hosting offers? How easy it is to scale up/down?

When you go for a server hosting plan, you choose to keep sticking to it rather than having to change it in the long run. Thus, you will need to know how likely you are to modify your resources with time and depending upon the load on your site. Most of the hosting providers that you will come across have a plethora of plans for all kinds of hosting service options. It is vital to go for a hosting provider which is versatile such that you can keep upgrading with them with your changing needs. Easy scalability or the ability to tune your hardware up and down is important when choosing a server plan because you never know when you have to up-scale your hardware to meet the growing demands.

7. Does this web host keep putting prices up?

Offering discounted prices for the first month, or the first three months, or even the first year is an impressive stunt played by many hosting service providers in order to gain the customer’s attention. You will find that when you go up to renew the plan, you have to pay anywhere between 1.5 times to double the amount you had initially paid. There will also be other hosting service providers that will get you on a fair deal for life from the beginning charging you the same amount every time that they had charged you initially. You have to carefully check the pricing policies of the service provider you are going to choose to make the most informed decision.

8. What happens if I am not satisfied?

Most hosting providers will give you some sort of free trial period such that you can check the efficiency of your server without making a choice. Other hosting providers come up with satisfaction-guaranteed policies to ensure that the users have a smooth experience while using their servers. You need to check the technical information regarding trial periods and satisfaction-guaranteed policies to make an informed decision. However, you have to go for a hosting provider that incorporates such details in their plans to get the best deal out there.

9. Is their Web Hosting Service Easy to Use?

Choosing Hosting Provider

No matter what the subject of choice is, a user wants to always get something easy to use. The same idea applies even to web hosting services- the server has to be easy to use, most server plans come with a control panel that allows you to monitor and control all the activities that your server can perform. Control panels such as the cPanel, Plesk, and so on are versatile options that can be run on different operating systems and give you sufficient control over the activities of your server.

10. Does this web host provide good support?

Customer support is a very important factor to consider when you are choosing a hosting provider. Hosting servers are easy to use but many technical details go on to run it. If anything goes wrong, it requires the aid of an expert to fix the problem. Thus, hosting providers who give you better customer support automatically becomes a better choice. The provider should always be ready to take your call and always be available to rectify anything done wrong and help you out, generally, in any way possible, to make your web hosting experience comfortable and engaging.


 The right kind of hosting server is very important to ensure that you soar high with your business venture. Be it an e-commerce site or a blogging site, the first thing that you have to identify is what you require. Once you know what your requirements are, you have to start looking for web servers and carefully filter them to make the best choice. It is crucial that you filter them as it is going to impact the run of your website, and thus your website. It is all about making a well-informed decision and not going for the cheapest solutions or the most advanced solutions. It may happen that you do not require even part of the resources that the advanced plans give and you can do with a cheap plan- this is why it is important to make a well-informed decision. 

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