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Which Operating System Should I Prefer for Hosting- Linux or Window?

Of the major operating systems available, Linux and Windows are the showrunners to run any server. These two operating systems are highly popular when it comes to managing the host server running one or many websites. Linux has always been the OS of choice for such applications but even Windows finds large-scale applications. The reason behind Windows’ popularity is it’s easy to use and easy to access platform. Everybody is familiar with a Windows product in today’s world as they have everything ranging from document writing applications to hardcore editing tools. The versatility and universal presence of Windows have what made it such a hip and happening OS for use by even big companies. Linux is more difficult to use compared to Windows as one has to know about its nuances. However, the degree of versatility that the Linux OS can give you if you know how to handle it is unparalleled.

 If you are to host even a personal blog writing website, you will need some hosting service as a website requires lots of dedicated resources to be kept running 24 x 7. While choosing the server plan you have to choose an OS to go with and you have to be careful with what you choose as it’s going to stick with you. It may be difficult to comprehend the pros and cons of either OS and this article can help you out with that. Both of these OS have amazing benefits and a few drawbacks over the other and your choice mainly depends on how you are planning to use it.

Detail Explanation About Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting

You have surely heard about the many Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu and Astra and may have even heard that they do have a certain edge over Windows-based OS. The most attractive thing about a Linux-based OS is that it is an open-source system meaning that it comes free of cost. There are no licensing deals with Linux unlike Windows and that allows you to easily download and use it on any system anywhere. Thus, when you opt for a Linux based server plan, you will be immediately paying much less!

However, like every good thing out there, there is a catch with using Linux! Even the most basic and essential functions in Linux will be carried out through the command line. This means that you have to actually wrote a command that will convey the intended function. If the command is wrong the function will be wrong which may even affect the working of the entire system. Long story short, to use a Linux based OS, you have to be technically wise and sound, if you do not have the technical expertise, using Linux is going to be difficult for you.

You can easily hire some expert IT personnel who can help with maintaining your Linux based OS. However, when you hire a third person, you will end up spending the money you saved on the, and thus there is no point in going for Linux financially. A Graphic User Interface (GUI) also makes it easier to use a Linux based OS. You can easily download and install one, but such a program is likely to affect the fast speeds of Linux making your system slower in the long run and causing the problem. Simply put, you have to know how to use Linux and have some basic knowledge and skills about computers before you are ready to run a Linux based OS to maintain your server.

The key is that if you are using Linux, you have to master it, and you will see that it is much easier and better than a Windows-based OS. Linux is so versatile that it can support about any website that you can come up with. Applications such as WordPress and Pythion are very easy to use on a Linux OS.  Even PHP and MySQL run very smoothly in Linux. They also run smoothly on Windows but since Linux was crafted with these two formats in mind, you get an edge of ease.

Detail Explanation About Windows Hosting

Windows Hosting

The thing about Linux was that it was a freely available open-source OS platform that you can use and modify for all kinds of commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, when you install a Windows-based IS, you have to purchase the license for the same. While this improves the authenticity and the degree of security in your system, it will cost you a lot more than a simple Linux based OS. However, Windows too comes with its share fare of advantages. The first and most noticeable thing is the popularity of windows. It is probably the most used OS in the world with all kinds of office environments depending upon it. It is familiar ground for most people out there making it easier to use. The support system that a Windows-based OS is integrated with is much more comprehensive allowing you to easily set up and use your system.

Going for a Windows-based server also ensures that your system will be easily compatible with all kinds of Microsoft products and applications. The range of applications that Microsoft has come up with is astounding and Linux does not provide a dependable ground to run all these applications. The OS is already integrated with an immersive and interactive GUI system that makes using a Windows-based system a breeze. Even a rookie user can easily find their way around when using a Windows-based OS.

The Windows systems are easier to use for beginners. It is so popular that if you were to ask 100 people about an OS, 95 of them will talk about Windows. However, experienced programmers can tell you that the command line used by Windows is not at all at par with that of Linux. Though Windows is much more user friendly and lets you carry out lots of complicated functions easily, it is Linux that is more powerful of the two.

However, if you have to work with such formats as MS-SQL, .NET Core, or ASP.NET, you have to rely on the Windows platform. These are situations when the decision to choose is taken out of your hands as these scripting frameworks are compatible with Windows only. Well, ASP.NET is an exceptionally handy scripting tool that ensures that you choosing Windows over Linux will in no way go to waste. 

Some Things in Common

linux Windows Hosting

Though the Windows and Linux based OS run in different ways, each offering a plethora of advantages, there are certain factors that are common to both these platforms. For example, PHP and MySQL are supported by both these OS, though you will get somewhat of an edge when using on a Linux based platform. Even if you are running both together, then Linux will get you much better results.  you can easily manage your hosting accounts from either OS using browsers such as Chrome.

The singular reason for both these operating systems to be so popular is that both of them are highly trustworthy. Both these platforms are very adept with their security measures thus keeping all your data always safe. There have been tremendous advancements in the field of security for Windows OS since 2016 when they included better protection features. Even if you are trying to manage your Windows based hosting account through a Mac device or a Linux based account through a Windows device, those things too can be very easily done.


On a larger scale, both the Windows and Linux based operating systems are great for your server hosting. There is never a clear winner between the two. If you are adept at computer languages, then it is better if you go for a Linux based OS. However, if you are looking for a familiar platform, that is terrifically easy to use, then Windows-based OS should be your choice. There is no fair winner between the two OS in terms of functionality or security. It all depends on the kind of use that you are likely to put them up on! So, it simply boils down to what your most basic requirements are and how much you are likely to spend on the server. Once you have figured that out, it is time for you to make a choice of OS.

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